Thanks Mom

Astaire Stemware Flute Glass 6 oz

Astaire Stemware Flute Glass 6 oz

Mother’s Day officially became a holiday in 1914 by Woodrow Wilson after Anna Jarvis rallied for it to become official for more than five years. One hundred years later, Mother’s Day continues to be one of the most commercially successful U.S. occasions–heck, just ask any restaurateur.

Speaking of restaurants, we know that a staple of the Mother’s Day brunch is the Mimosa, consisting of Champagne and orange juice. So let us help you serve one of your most popular morning beverages in one of our elegant Astaire Stemware Flute Glasses. (Unless Mom is a Bloody Mary person, then we recommend using our Astaire Stemware All Purpose Glass for that.)

Want to beat the competition and give Mom a great souvenir? Imprint a little line on your glasses such as “Thanks Mom” or “Happy Mother’s Day 2014.” We have you covered–just contact customer service for the details.

Mother’s Day is always the second Sunday in May; this year it’s May 11. Be ready to serve Moms the best with Carllsle!

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Break out the Gear

As the weather warms up, the days get longer and we can see it, the dust that has been hiding. It is time for spring cleaning, so bust out the broom and dusting supplies.

We have already shown you the Pan and Broom combo to make work easier in terms of sweeping, now it’s time to focus on the dust. With this detailed design, we are targeting something just out of our reach, the ceiling fan and walls.

Ceiling Fan And Wall Duster

Ceiling Fan And Wall Duster

The Ceiling Fan & Wall Duster is designed to make the job more manageable for you. This special fan has a unique and innovative shape that lets it wrap around fan blades to provide complete cleaning on all sides.

The fan is already hard to reach, so don’t waste energy setting up a ladder. Use this innovative tool and it will be a snap.

These soft, flagged synthetic bristles will not scratch even the most delicate of finishes on fans. You can also clean fans, ceilings, walls, door trimming and molding.

So reach for the sky with this innovative instrument. (Or at least the fan.)

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Watch That Jello!

Do you enjoy getting the most for your money? We know you do, so stop getting flimsy trays for your cafeteria and restaurants. Go with the best from the start and come out on top.

At Carlisle our Non-Skid Trays are the best performance trays on the market with a super, (yeah, super!) grip surface. It holds the heaviest items in place with minimal sliding, even if the tray gets wet.

The molded-in, non-skid surface stays bonded to the tray and continues to perform even after years of washing. They are stain, scratch, and odor resistant. Constructed of sturdy fiberglass with reinforced edges to resist chipping, the non-skid trays fit standard equipment and are dishwasher safe. If you need to scrub, just use a non-metal brush.They come with a two-year warranty, just in case something would befall your trays.

Keep your pudding on the tray with Carlisle!

Non-Skid Trays

Non-Skid Trays

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Raise Your Glass

Ah, March, the time for spring to start and St. Patrick’s Day. Yes, the holiday that celebrates Irish American culture, features a gaggle of parades, millions wearing green and who can forget: some even drink green beer. While not an official holiday in the U.S., many still celebrate it–ostensibly remembering our Irish roots, for those who have them and those who don’t.

Lexington™ Polycarbonate Mug

Lexington™ Polycarbonate Mug

Nevertheless, it’s a holiday that demands establishments stock up on their beer mugs. At Carlisle, we have the ideal mugs for you, the Lexington Polycarbonate Mug. They are great for tea, (green) beer and even soda. So they are not just a one time hit, you’ll be able to reuse them throughout the entire year.

These shatterproof polycarbonate tankards are a unique and heavy weight mug. Not only can you put them to use throughout the year. They are crystal clear with the look and feel of glass but without the weight. At 16 oz., these Lexington Polycarbonate Mugs are of perfect proportion for any drink. Featuring a recessed drain, these mugs dry easily.

The foam to top it all off is they are dishwasher safe. So get your purchase order going on these so you don’t miss the chance to show off your new product during everyone’s favorite green holiday.

As your one-stop shop, we invite you to look at our St. Patrick’s Day design dinner napkins

St. Patrick's Day Design Dinner Napkins

St. Patrick’s Day Design Dinner Napkins

to accent your festive design plans. These Dinex napkins are 2-ply with 1/8 fold and coin edge embossed. They feature superior wet strength. The packs come in case pack of 100 each so if you order too many you’ll be one step ahead of next year–but what are we saying, of course your venue will sell out.

Remember to wear green, and sláinte!





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The Pot That Holds It All

Does your food prep area have a mess of pots in every cupboard and cabinet imaginable? Well it’s time to stand up and say enough.

Versata Select Pots and Pans

Versata Select Pots and Pans

End the aggravation with our line of Versata Select pots and pans and you won’t have to make a mess searching for the proper pan. Just think of all the time and energy you will save by using these Carlisle pots and pans.

Take the Versata Select Sauce Pot. At 10 quarts, it can handle a variety of foods from pasta to sauces to soups. Made from a heavy-duty stainless steel, this line of equipment possesses encapsulated bottoms, meaning they have two layers of stainless steel with a thick aluminum core for superior heat diffusion on either an induction or conventional stovetop. The best use for this pot is with foods that require frequent stirring or handling.

Versata Select™ Sauce Pot

Versata Select™ Sauce Pot

The Versata Select kit has numerous pots, some with lower walls for smaller preparations and loop handles for easy maneuvering. This way you can grab pasta, possibly with potholders, and drain it with ease.

We broke the mold when we made this pot. It’s a boiling good buy.

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Sweeping Up: Chore No More?



Dirt is everywhere.

Keeping up with the never-ending battle to maintain cleanliness not only impresses your supervisors and the CEO, but most importantly your customers.

But there is one truth to all cleaning, it can be a pain.

We’ve been there, trying to sweep dirt into a dustpan, pressing the dustpan down to catch all the dirt whilst using a tall broom. Chore no more though–with the Pan and Broom combo, cleaning the front area will become almost effortless.

The dust pan and broom will be your go-to tool when cleaning (we think everyone will want this task–you’ll see why). The pan comes standard with a serrated edge allowing the user to comb through the broom’s bristles and drop more dirt in the pan. The pan pivots and locks into place during use and release for easy carrying or emptying. At 30”, the combo is the perfect height for sweeping (if there is a good height for cleaning!).
These compact wonders are equipped with a clip for easy storage. This is a new product, so your competition will be wondering how your place got so clean. Sweep up with Carlisle!
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The Heat is On

If only the world ran on time.


If only there was one dinner rush and one breakfast rush for all hotels…but alas, there is not. That’s why you need to keep food warm and ready for hungry guests. With the eye pleasing design of the FlexiGlow Dual Arm Heat Lamp with Board & Pan, your foods will be kept at a temperature that holds the flavor.

This efficient design has two arms to provide optimal heating on double the surface or to accommodate dual products. The vinyl arms are coated to keep the unit sanitary and safe. The shade is slightly flared for added strength and the drilled shade helps dissipation. The gold finish offers an elegant look for front or back of house.
The maple cutting board and drip pan are optional, but are perfect for carving stations in any environment. From carving a turkey or ham during holiday time, or cutting prime rib during an extravagant event, this will help make your buffet serving station the piece de resistance!
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Smooth Sailing With this Gravy Boat!

There are countless ways to dispense dressings and sauces; from bottles to just a simple bowl and spoon. But to distinguish yourself from your competitors you need an edge, a product that is easy on the eyes and can enhance the atmosphere of the experience you’re offering your patrons. With the Rhapsody Gravy Boat you will be able to do just that and more.

The Gravy Boat is not just designed for gravy but also sauces, dressings and even syrups. It’s a multipurpose tool, not one that only comes out with the big bird and boatload of potatoes. You can use it all day, from the pancake breakfast to simple salads at midday or to dress the mashed potatoes at dinner. It replaces clunky bottles and oversized bowls of sauces.

gravyThis elegant 5oz tabletop accessory is made of complete stainless steel. It has a perfectly balanced handle securely welded to the base for simple pouring. The boat is also tapered at the spout to help prevent dripping. It’s simple to clean and tarnish resistant.

Get in the boat with Carlisle!



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Keep Your Cool with Cool Base


No, not a flying saucer, but just as cool!

We know the feeling: it’s mealtime and the kitchen becomes organized chaos, working to get every meal crafted served to patients on time in peak flavor. That depends on your meals each maintaining their own “personal” temperature–quite a balancing act!

Nevertheless, don’t lose your cool; just get the Dinex Cool Base from Carlisle. This innovative base keeps the plate and food cold as you customize each meal.

The Cool Base maintains cold temperatures for up to an hour before requiring a refreeze (which only take two hours) perfect for keeping the dishes cool for lunch and dinner. Its gray color easily identifies it as a cool base that you can coordinate with other Carlisle dome and ware colors. The Cool Base is sturdy, dishwasher safe and comes equipped with a one-year warranty.

No need for your service to be off base with Cool Base! Contact us today for more information.


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Drinking in the Elegance with Astaire Drinkware

Astaire_grp1Holiday parties may be a memory, but being prepared for elegant occasions is always important. After the long run of holiday events, you have to take stock; both in what equipment functioned properly and how many items were lost or broken. So, as you prepare your kitchens and bars in the new year, check out the selection of Astaire Drinkware from Carlisle.

Carlisle has wide selections of glasses to suit any drinks you care to serve, from your signature martini to wine. These glasses are elegant and break resistant so you can serve them in a busy hall or poolside. Our red and white wine glass selection includes a stemless model for that extra stability that can make a difference when it comes to spills.

Made of dishwasher safe, shatterproof polycarbonate, this drinkware line is a great option for carefree service and easy cleaning.

Want to add that special something to your Astaire Drinkware? We have you covered–select items can be custom imprinted. Just contact customer service for the details.

Cheers to you in 2014!


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